Adding and Modifying Floorplans

Floorplans allow you to visually track test points and results within different areas of your plant or manufacturing floor. The floorplan should be a representation of the areas where you currently perform testing. After loading your test points onto the floorplan they will be color-coded based on results entered for each test point. 

To add floorplans:

Log into Corvium CONTROL

  1. Click your name in the upper right and select 'Settings'  Note:  You must have 'Administration Access' in order to add or modify floorplans.
  2. Click the 'Sites' button on the left side of the Settings page.
  3. Click the '+ Create floorplan' button.
  4. Fill in the Name of the floorplan and select the Site for the floorplan.
  5. Click in the box next to the image to find the floorplan image on your computer or drag and drop the image file into the box.  Note: The floorplan file must be in a picture format (examples:  .png, .jpg).
  6. Click 'Save' to finish adding your floor plan. Note:  You may need to log out of CONTROL and back in to see your new floorplan.

To modfy an existing floorplan:

  1. Click 'Settings' and choose 'Sites'.
  2. Select the proper Site to display all of its floorplans.
  3. Click the 'Pencil' icon next to the floorplan you want to modify  Screen_Shot_2017-06-23_at_1.53.00_PM.png.
  4. Click on the image of the floorplan to find a new image file on your computer or drag and drop an image file over top of the old floorplan image.
  5. Click Save to update the image.

 Note: You can only add/modify floorplans for the sites to which you are assigned.


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