Updating the Schedule Settings

The Schedule module in Corvium CONTROL is a great way to create and manage your environmental testing plan. There you can create schedules of test points to add environmental testing results to your site. There are some settings you may want to adjust to make the best use of your schedules.

To adjust Schedule settings:

  1. Log into Corvium CONTROL  Note:  You must have 'Administration Access' in order to access the schedules settings and you will need access to all sites to adjust any of the schedule settings.
  2. Click your name in the upper right and select 'Settings'.
  3. Click the 'Schedule' button on left of the Settings page.
  4. Adjust the necessary Schedule settings (Descriptions of each setting below).
  5. Click the 'Save' button.



Description of Schedule Settings:

  • AutosortChoose the sorting criteria (Test Point ID, Location, Description, etc.) and your saved schedules will be sorted by that column in the schedule page.
  • OrderChoose "ascending" or "descending" for how your columns will be sorted (alphabetically, low-to-high).  

Note: Clicking the column header of a schedule will also sort the columns manually

  • Number of test points:  Change the number of test points selected for the randomizer in the Create Schedule page.  This can be seen under the "Randomize" button and changed manually if desired.
  • AutoselectChecking this box, will autoselect a number of test points when creating a schedule.  The number of test points autoselected will be found under the "Randomize" button when creating a schedule.
  • Exclude test points with open remediation: When this box is checked, test points that are in the remediation process are excluded from a list of test points that can be included in new schedules
  • When selecting 'Untested' include tested points to meet target number: When creating a schedule there is a box for "untested" test points under the "Randomize" button (below). Clicking this box will search for a number of test points that have not been tested in your plant, based on the "Warning Days" you set, or the threshold of time you set to cover all of the test points in your plant. If all points have been covered, this Schedule option will add previously tested points to meet a set number you want to save in a schedule
  • Schedule abandonment days: The numbers of days after the scheduled date before the schedule will be automatically abandoned.  Setting this value to 0 means that the schedule will never automatically be abandoned.  

Note:  Schedules in the 'Abandoned' state can be found in the Archived schedules tab in the Schedules page.  Abandoned schedules can still be modified including collecting the schedule and entering results.

  • Enable lab data exchangeThis functionality is part of a larger integration with Corvium CONTROL and LIMS software.  Usage of this function requires specific assistance with our Corvium team. We recommend speaking with a Corvium Support Representative before enabling Lab Integration.
  • Lab Address: Mailing address for your 3rd party lab on documents exchanged between labs when schedules are collected and results are entered. A Collected Schedule Report can be seen by selecting "Print" on the when viewing a collected schedule.




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