Using Test Result Reasons

Test result Reasons can be used to describe the specific reason for taking a sample as part of a schedule.  This information can help sort out test results and is useful in creating customized reports based on them.  The Reason can be assigned to the entire schedule or to the individual test points on the schedule from a particular site. You will need Admin access to initially set up test result Reasons for your site.

To setup your test result Reasons for your site follow these steps:

  1. Log into Corvium CONTROL
  2. Click on your name in the upper right and select 'Settings'
  3. Click the Test Result Reasons link on the left side of the page
  4. Click the Create New button to add a test result Reason
  5. Enter the Reason name and the site that will use this reason
  6. Click the blue Save button


 To Assign Reasons to Test Points in a Schedule:

  1. Create a schedule
  2. Select the Reason for Testing in the drop down menu under "New Schedule Details."  All of the test points for that schedule will be assigned that Reason
  3. Alternatively, select the drop down menu for each test point and assign it a particular Reason

Note: Schedules without any Reason assigned does not impact collecting samples or entering results

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