Changing the Order of Test Points in a Schedule

Once you have created your sample schedule, you may find that the test points on the schedule are not in the most efficient order for collection or labeling. You can adjust the order by viewing the location of each test point in your facility on your floor plan and then moving the sample sites into the proper order.    

To view your schedule on your floor plan:

  1. Log into Corvium CONTROL
  2. Click the Schedules link at the top of the page
  3. Select an existing schedule or create a new schedule
  4. From within the schedule, click the "Floor Plan View" link at the top to view your schedule on your floor plan

To change the order of your test points:

  1. Navigate back to your schedule
  2. Move mouse/cursor over a test point on your schedule until you see it change to arrows
  3. Click on the sample point and drag it to the proper place in the list and let it go
  4. Continue to move the test points until the order is correct

Additionally you can change the order by sorting the column attributes of the schedule

  1. Open your schedule
  2. Click the grey column headers (including Room, Test Point, etc.) to resort the test points
  3. Choose sorting by numerical or alphabetical order ("ascending" or "descending") by clicking once or twice on the top row

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