Setting up your Site

If you are a free trial user or just new to the Corvium CONTROL software, you will notice that you have access to a sample site when you first log in. This sample site has been set up to help you get started. It includes basic configurations including sample data, test points, and an example floorplan to get you started on using CONTROL for managing your environmental testing. This is a great place to start, but eventually you will want to create your site specific to your environmental plan and workflows. Below are some helpful links for setting up your own site.

Company information - Click here to see how your CONTROL site is set up at a quick glance

Create user and roles - Click here to learn how you can add new users and assign them to roles within your new site or plant.

Create your own site - Click here to learn how you can create a new site or plant within your company account.

Adding floor plans - Click here to learn how you can upload new floor plans for use within your site or plant. Floor plans are used to view test points and results visually.

Create and modify locations- Click here to learn how to create new locations (e.g. rooms, production lines, etc.) and make changes to existing locations within your site or plant.

Setting up your test points - Click here to see how to add test points to your floor plan and adjust other settings related to your test points.

Updating your schedule settings - Click here to learn how to update your schedule settings. Once you have your site, users and floor plans added, you will want to configure the schedule settings according to your environmental plan.

Manage your test methods - Click here to learn how to make changes to the test methods you plan to use within your company account.

Setup your remediation workflow - Click here to learn how to create a remediation workflow.

Creating "Reasons" for Testing - Click here to learn how to create Test Result Reasons and assign them to schedules.



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