Test Points

From the Test Points Page, you can View Test Points, Sort Test Points by Column, Add Test Results, Edit Test Points and Deactivate Points.  All of your test points from a particular floorplan are visible here, in list form.


To Sort Test Points:

  • Click on the column you would like to sort by.
  • The first click places the items in ascending order.
  • The second click places the items in descending order.


To View Individual Test Points:

  • Click the Underlined test point
  • A box will pop up with cumulative sample data, picture (or ability to add a picture) of the test point, individual test data - similar to clicking the test point from the "Floorplan view".
  • As well, you can "Delete a test result" from this view.  Deleting a test result will "strikethrough" the test point and ask a reason for deleting that point.  This ensures the audit trail is maintained for that test point.



 Adding a Test Result:  

  • Adding a Test Result is possible without creating a schedule.
  • Simply add the corresponding fields including Test Method and Result/Count.
  • Click the "Add Result" button.



Editing a Test Point:

  • Click the "Edit" button to the right side of the test point row.
  • Editing a test point is similar to the on the test point on the floorplan with the dropdown menus.



Deactivating a Test Point:

  • Click the "Deactivate Test Point" button to the right side of the test point row.
  • Deactivating a test point is useful if a Test point is no longer useful to test, machinery has changed, etc.
  • This will not remove the past results history for this test point.  The test point can be reactivated by contacting Corvium support.
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