The Remediation tab in Corvium CONTROL helps automate your remediation or corrective action process.  When a completed schedule has results entered, any positive/fail results will trigger a remediation, based on the business rules you define. 

To View Remediation Details

  1. Expand/collapse the details of each remediation by clicking the +/-  in each one of the remediation stages, Open remediations, For Review, or History.
  2. At any point in the process clicking on the remediation you are interested in will show a history of the remediation including any comments, attachments, owners of the activities, etc.


To Update a Remediation

  1. Expand the open remediation section by clicking on the + on the green bar.
  2. Click the Update button.
  3. Add any notes and files.  Change the owner of the step if needed.
  4. Click the checkbox to confirm and sign off on the Activity specified.
  5. Click Accept.

Completing a Remediation

  1. When all the activities of a remediation are completed the test point is Rescheduled.
  2. Depending on your remediation rules, after a certain number of Negative test results the remediation is moved to the "For Review" stage.
  3. Sign off on this stage similarly to the previous Activities.
  4. Your Remediation is now completed.
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