Working with Open Remediations

The remediation module in Corvium CONTROL can help manage the steps you take after a positive result is entered. You can configure CONTROL to notify your team and start your remediation process automatically. See 'Setting up your remediation workflow' if you haven't setup your remediation steps.

When a positive result is entered a notification will go out to those responsible. The notification will include the location and test point description. The notification will direct the users to the CONTROL site to complete the required activities. 

To step through the required remediation activities:

1. Click the link in the remediation notification email or log into Corvium CONTROL
2. Click the 'Remediations' link at the top of page
3. Expand the 'Open Remediations' section
4. Identify the remediation and click the Update button.  You will have three options: Confirm the activity,     Change the Owner, or Close the Remediation (Manager level)

  • "Confirming the activity" will start the process of completing the activity steps.  The test point will automatically be scheduled for re-test after the last activity is completed.
  • "Changing owner" will change the owner of the task to another user
  • "Close Remediation" will allow Managers to close the Remediation prematurely.  An audit trail and reason for closing will need to be entered to ensure integrity of the Corrective action process

5. After all the steps have been completed the Remediation will be scheduled for Retest.  A schedule will be created and can be edited to include other test points (as needed)

6. When the remediation is complete (the number of retest negatives has been accomplished) the remediation is completed, pending sign-off in the "For Review" section

7. Click Done in the remediation in the "For Review" section.  In a box that appears you can enter comments and files that might be appropriate after a completed investigation.  The test point is put back into "the pool" of test points and can be tested again at your choosing.

8. Click Confirm to confirm the remediation is complete.  

9. The Remediation will move to the History section for a historical log of the remediation steps

Note:  At any time during the Remediation process, clicking on a remediation line will expand information on the tasks completed and time, any attachments, who signed off the steps and other valuable information.

If you wish to attach multiple documents to a remediation activity my may have to zip the documents within a single zip then upload them. At the moment file upload size is limited to 5MB.






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