Entering a Lab Method Name for the "Collected Schedule Report"

If you're working with a third party lab for sample testing they might have a different name for the environmental sampling test method that you use in-house.  If you're sharing a report through a LIMS integration in Corvium CONTROL or within a division of your company, you can change the Test Method name to a Lab Method name on the Collected Schedule report

Setting up a Lab Method name for your 'Collected Schedule Report'

  1. Log into Corvium CONTROL and click Settings under your name.
  2. Click "Test Method" and the pencil edit button (by the red trashcan) to modify the name your 3rd party lab designates the test.
    Note: If Lab Method is left blank the Test Method "Name" will be shown on the report.
  3. Enter your Lab Method name for the appropriate tests.
  4. Click Save.

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