Adding Test Results

Corvium has partnerships with a number of labs. When lab integration is setup with one of these labs test results will sync automatically between the lab and CONTROL. However, test results can also be entered manually.

Manually Adding Test Results

Test results can only be entered for schedules that are in the "collected" state. In order to enter test results manually please use the following steps:

  1. Log into Corvium CONTROL.
  2. Click the "Schedule".
  3. Find and click on the schedule that you want to enter test results for.
  4. Click the blue "+ Add Test Results" button.
  5. Enter the correct test result values for each test point.
  6. Once all values are entered correctly click "Save".


Qualitative vs Quantitive Test Results

Please note that qualitative test results default to "Negative" so you will only need to update test results that are "Positive" or "Invalid" and quantitive test results are blank by default. When entering quantitive test results you have the option of entering a "Notation". Notions include ">" (greater than), "<" (less than) and "TNT" (too numerous to count). Additionally, you will have the ability to enter the test count number. Based on thresholds set for the test method used for the schedule the "Test Result" column will update to "Fail" or "Pass".



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