Share a Report


As a user of INSIGHTS you may have permissions to send reports via email to other registered users or external parties.


  • To distribute a report click the Share button on the active report menu. This will open the Share window from which you can select to email the report.


  • Click on the Email option.


  • You can now select the required Recipients. 
    1. From here you are able to search through Users and Groups.
    2. Select the desired recipients.
    3. Once added, your recipients will be listed in the box
  • Select the format you wish the report to be sent as, from the list of; PDF, DOCX, Link to Report, HTML, XLSX.
  • Next you are given the option to provide a message for the email.
  • Click the Submit button to send the email.

Share Types

There are three types of report sharing available:

  • Distribution - Allows the user to send a report to a user's timeline 
  • Email - Allows the user to send a report to another user via a one-off email
  • Embedded - Allows the user to embed a report (i.e. HTML, blog, website, etc)
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